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HAVANA, CUBA  [1964]

Between 1984 and 1989 he studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), in Havana. He has developed his work through painting, printmaking, installation, graphic design and performance. Between 1983-1990 he acquired professional experience as one of the founding members of Artistic Serigraphy Workshop "René Portocarrero", Havana.


Matthew's work is characterized by constant obsession showing towards contemporary royalty and to the world around it, with a focus on the amplification to which it is subjected by the mass media. His work aims to satirize the value and power of this circle by lengthening and stylization of the figures in both two- and three-dimensional works works, leading to a job whose result is a metaphor that warns the futility of both said estate in today's world as a snob or populous singing their conservation.

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