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URUGUAY [1919-2009]

Of humble origin , he moved from his hometown to Montevideo at age 16 to continue his studies . He was a pupil of Joaquín Torres García , from 1940-1949 . In the 1950s he traveled the world ; Europe and the Near East (1951-1953) ; Chile (1957); Bogota, Colombia ( lived there from 1957 to 1959 studying Fine Arts ) ; Venezuela (1959 ) . In December 1961 he settled in New York. There he made ​​in the 1960s a series of paintings and painted reliefs with intense colors . In the 1970s he entered the engraving. In 2005 he was declared illustrious citizen of Montevideo and Uruguay Mail released a postage stamp in honor of Alpuy , playing a fragment of his mural " Crafts " located at the Lyceum Damaso Antonio Larrañaga.

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