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Erick Beltran’s work is a constant research and reflection upon the structural mechanisms of systems, those regarding the power relations between the editing process and the construction of the discourse in particular. Through diagrams, information compilations, archives, media inserts, he approaches to the way images are defined, valued, ordered, classified, selected, reproduced, and distributed in order to create, political, economical and cultural discourses in contemporary society, and reflects upon how is it that the figure of the editor defines our world and power relations among groups of people.

Beltrán pours these concerns into the creation of systems and diagrams that try to catalogue a determined universe, through a process and a line of production with organic evolution, as well as into collections of seemingly random objects: that is the case with the Calculum series, similar to a wunderkammer in which different pieces found by Beltrán in his journeys are presented as texts, photos and objects; or with the Nothing but the truth book, which is the result of compiling a series of lies.

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