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NY [1925 - 1959]

Born on May 10, 1925 in New York City, USA came to Mexico in 1954 1954 - 1959 studied at the National School of Painting Sculpture and Engraving La Esmeralda, ENPEG In his work over 56 years as an artist, painter, draftsman, sculptor, printmaker, mainly ventures into the use of various techniques and processes, acrylic, watercolor, oil, wood carving, making cuts on the plates so Manual as well as printing, monotypes, inks, etc. It is a widely prolific artist who has captured the human existence of multiple forms and their context in society, in cities, in our Mexican field colorful substantially He has made countless individual, collective and private exhibitions. Among which are the Palace of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art, University Museum of Contemporary Art, MUCA UNAM, among others, also important. It was part of the Independent Living where he participated in all events and exhibitions in the country It has been continuously involved throughout his entire career at charity events and social causes He has also taught art at the university and individual level, awarded conferences, participated in round tables, etc. His work is part of several books and his work is found in various institutional collections in Mexico, United States and Europe. In his oil paintings, among other features, it is very important to his expressionist manner still very important to note that in his watercolors maintaining the principles of expressionism handles impressionists points.

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