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MEXICO [1954]

Francisco Castro Leñero is a Mexican painter. Born in Mexico City in 1954. He studied painting at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda" National Institute of Fine Arts from 1975 to 1979. He was a fellow of graphic design in Urbino, Italy 1976-1977 and and another for the production of a lithography ENBA La Esmeralda from 1980 to 1981. Since 1982 works as a teacher of drawing at the School of Visual Arts, Xochimilco, in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Castro is attached to Abstract Expressionism, creating, in addition to painting, sculpture and graphic works. Leñero Castro's work shows his preference for color, strokes, geometric shapes, near the conceptual minimalism. His work has been exhibited in internationally in solo and group exhibitions at the Museum of the Americas in Puerto Rico, the Mexican Fine Arts Institute, Chicago; Rufino Tamayo Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Hudson River Museum, New York City. Since 1999 it is part of the National System of Art Creators.


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