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In the boundary line between Design and Art, Aldo Chaparro finds the perfect field to explore and expand the limits that separate the latter from other disciplines, making this border his central theme. As a conceptual artist, his work can be placed in the frontier between pure functionalism and art.


The artist combines and edits references from the media world casting aside notions of past and future, to result in a present filled with simultaneity and entertainment. Quoting and appropriating the work of different artists, and borrowing phrases from pop songs, he creates a staging of words and sentences that surprise for their catchy familiarity on almost invasive, innovative supports, such as neon sculptures or big format texts on walls that shout blasphemies and questions, and allow the viewer to find personal references in the artist’s work.


His recent series of steels bent with the strength of his own body is the record of a set of actions that, without intention of being presented as a performance, testify the physical work that art demands its creator.

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