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MEXICO [1940]

Arnaldo Coen is a Mexican artist born on June 10, 1940 in Mexico City . He worked in the shop Calgagno Laurence (1959-1960 ) and began experimenting in abstract expressionism . But in his first solo exhibition (1963 ) presented figurative expressionism and later (1964 ) entered the great expressionism . He was awarded by the French Government in 1967 , a founding member of the Independent Living (1968 ) . In his artistic development he began working with object paintings and sculpture, using as main theme the female torso with different treatments . Besides painting he has made " environments" , sets and costumes for theater and dance. He has made important exhibitions in different cities of Europe, USA, Latin America , India and Japan. In Mexico he has exhibited in the National Hall of the Palace of Fine Arts and the Museum of Modern Art among others.

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