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Davide Zucco is a U.S.-based artist born in Italy. His work developed mainly as painting, a choice, which recalls an idea of writing through images not aiming at solving didactic functions, but rather demonstrating a thesis in an inductive way (from the particular to the universal). Often it generates a dialogue with sculpture and installation. Zucco’s solo exhibitions include Burning colors trying to turn my blood black, Luis Adelantado Valencia, Valencia, Spain (2011); EvilDevil, Perugi Artecontemporanea.,Padova, Italy (2007); and No tears, Mogadishni. Aarhus, Denmark (2007). His group exhibitions include L’immagine sottile 03, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea di Monfalcone, Monfalcone, Italy (2009).


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