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MEXICO [1948]

Rafael Foniz born in Mexico City in 1948. It started in photography as an assistant and disciple of Manuel Alvarez Bravo 1973-1976. His works, mainly devoted to registration of indigenous and rural Mexico, have been exhibited in major cities of Europe, USA and Mexico. Rafael Doniz has his work published in various magazines and books both in Europe and in America. In 1970 he published On some underground languages, in the editorial art and books and in 1983 H. Ayuntamiento Popular Juchitan, published by the council itself. He has participated in the production of various art books, among which stand Romualdo Garcia, a photographer, a city, a time released by the state government of Guanajuato and the Dresden Codex, the Fondo de Cultura Economica. His photographs are in different collections among which are the following: Museum of Photography (Mexico City). Casa de las Americas (Havana, Cuba), Center for Creative Photography (Arizona, USA), Rufino Tamayo Museum (Mexico City).

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