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From his first works, exhibited in the middle of the eighties, Jorge Galindo sandwiched painting with photographic collages. The work of this Galindo next to abstract gestural, granting it a special significance to random interventions and Materia aspects. Photomontages in which uses images from the media illustrated in the 1950s and 1960s date from the Decade of the nineties and in which is expressed a criticism of the society of consumption. his first exhibition takes place in the Gallery Victor Martin (Madrid, 1989). Since 1993 introduces in his words and texts. in 1994 he exhibits in the Gallery Soledad Lorenzo. the work of Galindo, has been developed by a series with a clear thematic unity, though expressed with stylistic resources of complex variety. in 1996 started his Patchwork series, which brings to the canvas fabrics varied. in his work, the mix between photography and painting produces exacerbated Visual sets, which occasionally approaching to what kitsch. their most important series include animal painting, La vie des bêtes, exposed in the space one of the MNCARS. during the years 1996-98 Jorge Galindo made the least widespread of his series, the Patchwork.

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