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She studied visual arts at the Antigua Academia de San Carlos, the UNAM. interrupted his studies after three years in favor of a position of assistant dark room,  veteran and highly respected Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo. With the teacher, he was able to develop and refine their skills acquired. Then work with the Ministry of Education of Mexico, for which he provided photographs for textbooks, enriching the knowledge of their land and the lives of people; and receiving many suggestions for future work and photographic style acuñado. In 1982 he had his first exhibition in Mexico City. In 1985, encouraged by the enthusiasm and support of the painter Francisco Toledo, he published his first book. Other publications and numerous exhibitions soon became known outside the borders. In 1993, it was dedicated to the Swiss magazine du. With the next book Witness of Time which was a resounding success. It was translated into five languages. And let you schedule an extensive international exhibition tour through more than forty countries in America and Europe. In 1995, he received a three-year grant for its new "Mesteños Project". In this series of images of Flor Garduno shows animals and people in their natural environment. She got the job a year later for the House of Art in Zurich, carrying 2,000 photographs of the city; and a biographical documentary about ellas. Since the late 1980s, his work was shown in exhibitions, galleries and museums. The artist has received numerous awards, fellowships and awards for his work.4 lives and works with his family in Stabio, Ticino, Switzerland; and in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

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