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JALISCO, MEXICO [1902-1955]

Maria Izquierdo was a Mexican painter. She was born María Cenobia Izquierdo Gutiérrez in San Juan de los Lagos in the state of Jalisco;. After her father died, when she was five years old, she lived with her grandparents and aunt afterward in small towns of Aguascalientes, Torreón, and Saltillo. Both her grandma and aunt were devoted Catholics and much of her upbringing revolved around daily Catholic traditions. At age fourteen she had an arranged marriage to a senior army officer, Colonel Cándido Posadas, and bore three children by the time she was 17 years old. In 1920 she and her family moved to Mexico City from San Juan de los Lagos where she first began to develop into a professional artist.

Always interested in art, Izquierdo spent much of her time alone teaching herself new art techniques. When she and her family moved to Mexico City in the 1920s, she acted on her passion and left Cándido Posadas.

Today María Izquierdo is known for being the first Mexican female to have her artwork exhibited in the United States. She committed both her life and her career to painting art that displayed her Mexican roots and held her own amongst famous Mexican male artist: Diego Rivera, Jose Orozco, and David Siquerios.

In December 1955 she died from a stroke in Mexico City.

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