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Since the late 80’s, Yishai Yusidman has developed series of works that construct around specific problems of contemporary painting in a critical and innovative fashion. Jusidman argues that the pictorial experience of the 20th century was guided by artificial dichotomies (such as Figurative/Abstraction, Form/Content, Painting/Concept, Realism/Expressionism) that somehow instill the illusion of the non-practice-ness of pre-modern naturalism.

To dismantle these dichotomies, Jusidman appeals to multiple pictorial means anchored in the history of painting, interconnecting portrait, landscape and still-life with geometrism, gestualism and minimalism, thus bringing together the analytic rigor with the manual rudeness. Jusidman recovers the possibility that figurative, naturalism and image become a part of painting and its compelling potential.

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