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David´s Moreno oeuvre is constituted by a permanent articulations between two universes: the figurality of sound and the sonority of images; recovering and revolutionizing a long synesthetic tradition whose origin blur with those of modern art. His work is clearly distinguished by recurrence of resonances, cuts, incisions, repetitions, vibrations. The chiasmus with which he interlaces the figures of sound and the sounds of the figure is actually a key to the production of images, alternatively sonic or visual. Moreno´s interest in these problems is not purely formal. More precisely, it consists of a of a manner of interrogating the body of the image in its totality: its resistance, its physical resonance capacity, its substance. Using sonic installations, technological archeology, electro acoustic experimentation and, fundamentality, drawings and photography, David Moreno has been building a solid body of works since the late 1980´s, when some of the main reflections of our time made themselves present: the idea of emergency – stain, stigma, infirmity, fertilization, birth – and the idea of scarification – stratum, epidermal change, texture, touch, chance - , thus framing interrogation on the mortal body, on the animal condition of man and on the pulses of life and death manifest under the form of symptoms, such as blindness, distortion, stuttering and, ultimately, silences of sound, the rumblings of image.

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