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Although he is a fan of Mexican films, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio (1952) is considered "amateur" on issues related to this matter, hence, being appointed head of the project to create the National Film Museum, will serve primarily as "coordinator" . "I have experience in major museum projects, however, this will be my role as coordinator. My intention is to bring together a team of specialists both in museology and film to make a project of the height of Mexican cinema. I will not impose anything because I'm not the expert, "he says. The photographer was appointed by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA) to be leading the team that will play this initiative to open in 2010 as part of the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution Mexicana. Marina Stavenhagen, director of IMCINE, and Javier Gonzalez Rubio, technical secretary B Conaculta, made this offer to Ortiz Monasterio few days ago, and since then have had some meetings to be proposing further steps. "The first is, undoubtedly, begin to assemble a group of people whose views in various areas, creating us to enrich the museum. Obviously we can not make you listen to all filmmakers because we would go crazy, but we intend to reach a consensus opinions. "Another important step will resume projects or projects that may exist in the country's institutions, because surely this is not a new approach, it's a need that had been raised for several years. I still do not know any, but I know they exist and I think that should be considered, "he said. The founder of Centro de la Imagen, who still has no idea whether to grant an initial budget, explains that neither has offices because it is unimportant at this stage of work aspect. He says he is not interested swell the bureaucracy because he knows that there can escape money. Clarifies that until now the mood is not to build a specific space for the museum, but to recover some property and prepare it for this purpose. Neither knows precisely whether the project will be held in Mexico City, because there is also the possibility of developing in states where there are entrepreneurs who are willing to support.

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