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In Spain he makes his first studied drawing, ceramics and sculpture in 1946 in Labour Elementary School. I arrived in Mexico in 1949, claimed by his father, who lived here as a political refugee since the end of the Spanish Civil War. Vicente Rojo is the nephew of General Rojo, the accredited head of the troops of the Second Spanish Republic who opposed the coup led by General Franco. From 1953 he collaborated on the design of the magazine Artes de Mexico. He worked in Mexico in the Culture supplement office editions of the National Institute of Fine Arts; It also collaborates with the magazine of the University of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the magazine Culture in Mexico (1962-1974) of the journal Siempre !. Obtained Mexican nationality, he studied painting at the art school La Esmeralda and done during these over forty years extensive work in painting, graphic design and more recently sculpture. Exposing numerous times in Mexico and abroad since 1958. In 1991 he was awarded the National Prize for Arts and Sciences in the area of ​​Fine Arts, 1 and the Mexico Design Award, having participated in various graphic design cultural publications as the Journal of Fine Arts, the Journal of the University, UNAM, Plural, Mexico in Art and the newspaper La Jornada, among others. Co-founder in 1960 of the Editorial Era, which is part of the editorial board and as art director. Member of the Generation of the Rupture, is an important and prominent figure in the aesthetic arts of this country and its shape is highly respected by colleagues and general intellectual circles, being considered one of the most important artists of abstraction in Mexico. The November 16, 1994, he was elected to the National College, his inaugural speech was "Shared Dreams", which was answered by Manuel Sierra Peimbert

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