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Daniel Silver is a sculptor born in London in 1972, raised in Jerusalem, moving back to London in 1994.

Silver's work draws from ancient sculptural archetypes and modernist sculptors, like Jacob Epstein and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska. Despite its references to figurative sculptural traditions, the former director of the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (Rio de Janeiro) Paulo Herkenhoff described Daniel Silver’s sculpture as a “dyslexic body” which “refuses to follow a canon, or an established grammar which builds meanings, or work in pre-mapped territory”

Silver's last project was a commission by Artangel entitled 'Dig'. This sculptural installation was located in Grafton Way, into a derelict site where once was located one of London's largest Odeon Cinemas. Silver presented an imagined archeological dig of sculptures looking both ancient and futuristic, conceived by the artist as a “history of sculpture”. The project is inspired by Freud’s collection of antiques, which was used by Freud as a reservoir of metaphors to interpret his patients' traumatic experiences. Similarly, Silver is interested in the psychological and emotional dimension of sculpture and to investigate its relation with memory and history. In an interview with Ben Luke, Silver explained that "To be an archaeologist is about understanding our past through objects. I’m also trying to figure out things that are more psychological, about us as people, and objects throughout time allow me to do that.”

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