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She lives and works in Gumiel de Izán (Burgos, Spain). She trained in Barcelona, studying painting at the Escola Massana, and in Grenoble, where she moved in 1990 to attend the École Supérieure d’Art, subsequently obtaining recognition of her studies in Paris. She embarked on her artistic career at the beginning of the 1990s, focussing mainly on photography and video, but without disregarding other media such as the artist’s book.
In her work Soto develops two lines of investigation which are in turn articulated in series: one she calls “Espacios del arte” (Art spaces), through which she analyses the relationship between art and its spaces, spaces related to the work, its place of creation or the place where works are stored or displayed - in short, where the work “lives”, as reflected in the series “Archivos de Archivos” (Archives of Archives, 1998-2006).

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