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Her works have been shown in extensive exhibitions at home and abroad, among other things you took 2007, Switzerland at the 52nd Biennale in Venice. In addition, their work at the Aargauer Kunsthaus in Aarau, the Kunsthaus Langenthal and the Kunstmuseum Bonn have been seen. Her paintings are represented in numerous public collections, including the Kunsthaus Zurich. Christine Streuli was known for her large-format, exceptionally colored and ornamental images. Frequently their paintings called color manifests which inspired by the diverse cultural sources and which unites the artist to a dense cosmos. She takes in contemporary art a special place because it is looking for new forms of expression in painting, which can be attributed neither clearly nor the objectivity of abstraction. The pictures are always a multilayered structure, where the artist of the most diverse scenic procedures operated. Rarely Christine Streuli works with the classical painters of the brush tool, rather sprayed, poured or injected they paint on their canvases or use of methods of printing technology. They used rakes, templates, scratches or other objects. Often you choose a flash, almost exaggerated colors. Christine Streuli exhibitions are mostly influenced by room-sized productions, in which the painting radiates far beyond the borders and images out and extends over the walls, the floor and the ceiling.

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