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Arturo Vega was born in Mexico City, before color television. He has found the inspiration for his work in music, especially in Rock’n Roll and punk, in pop art, and in his personal experiences.

            For him, music is a revolutionary force with the power to initiate processes of change in society. His intense collaboration with the punk music band the Ramones, has been translated into his painting with the creation of the band logo, and with the inclusion of text fragments taken from the lyrics of their songs, which are sometimes aggressive and confront the viewer/listener; and sometimes are come from a mystic background that invites them to reflection.

            In his paintings, influences by American pop art and Andy Warhol, it is possible to read certain critique to the growing consumerism that by the eighties had taken over most of global society; and the necessity of taking part of the capitalist system without thinking of its consequences. Rebellious and seductive, Vega defies social standards and aims to make people question their ideals and conformities through music, life and art.



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