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Was born in Mexico City on 4 October 1963 and studied painting at the École Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. She studied with Antonio Segui and received her degree in 1989.

Wilke has been awarded prizes on numerous occasions, most importantly the Amalia Fortabat Best Latin American Woman Artist Prize, awarded in 1989. Her work has been shown at many galleries throughout Mexico, such as the Ramis Barquet in Monterrey and Galerías Pecanins; she is currently a regularly featured artist at the Galería de Arte Mexicano (GAM). She has been the subject of ten solo and participated in numerous collective shows.

Wilke was invited to join the Grupo de los Dieciséis: Juguete Arte Objeto y Casas Mágicas collective and her work has been shown on Mexico City’s Corredor Reforma exhibition space on several occasions. Her work can been seen in public spaces such as Cancún’s Hotel Aqua, La Casa que Canta in Zihuatanejo, and in residential and commercial buildings abroad.

She has been a Drawing and Illustration instructor at Centro Diseño Cine y Televisión since 2007.


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