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MÉXICO [1952]

Born in Mexico City from a family of photographers and artists. Studies photography and film in London UK and starts working in still photography in several areas: advertising, fashion, architecture and editorial.


In advertising he works in film doing spots for several directors and companies to then open his own production house and a list of clients. In advertising work he directs and at the same time performs the work of cameraman.


Still photo changes pace to become the result of a more personal work. Apart from advertising he works in music videos, short films and documentaries. Since then, he has worked with Patricia Bernal, his partner and the executive producer with a team of people that have been together for the last 25 years.


Since the year 2000 he has specialized in advertising doing tabletop work mainly, that is to say he works with food and liquids. To broaden his knowledge in this milieu, he performed the “Grand Diploma” courses at the prestigious cooking school of “Cordon Bleu”.

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